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MLS Bloopers June 2018 Edition

The spring market means only one thing in this column, more MLS Bloopers that ever – woohoo…








Here is a closet that should get out of the closet.

Or maybe just off the MLS. Not sure how this helps to sell a house.








I’ve heard of real estate inventory turnover but this is ridiculous.








Evidently this kitchen is on a ship out at sea, in a storm, as it is clearly “healing” over to the left.








They say the kitchen sells the house, err well there may be exceptions to that rule after all.








Not sure why this image was even on the MLS but it does give the term “carriage house” a whole new meaning.








This one looks more like a scene from Poltergeist that a picture meant to help sell a house. Why do some Realtors post these silly pictures?

Oooh I know, I know, to give Jeff Wood something to post on his MLS Bloopers section doh.






Oh know Mr Bill the house is sinking, Mr. Billllllll it’s sinking …








Is it just me or does this look kinda like an outhouse? Another mysterious “why did the Realtor post this image?” image.








Not sure what bugs me more about this image. The crappy patched up door, the giant rat hole in the wall with a wire coming out of it, or the bizarre entrance to the tunnel of doom to the right.



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