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Lantzville About to Boom

This article was published on January 20th and may not reflect current changes to the OCP.

After years of resisting the temptation to allow small lot subdivisions in Lantzville, the small community located along the northern border of Nanaimo, is about to go through a sea change. A series of small lot subdivisions have been either approved or approved in principal (see below).

Why now? The 2017 water hookup to Nanaimo city water is the primary enabler you could say. After years of political wrangling, negotiations and no small amount of crazy shenanigans within the Lantzville City Council — the two municipalities agreed that the water would only be used to feed “new” housing developments.

Lantzville OCPBelow is a raw listing of proposed larger developments contained in the Lantzville Official Community Plan or OCP.


GEE PROPERTY (plus a couple of smaller lots) – (67.5 acres) up to 270 units, up to average 4 units per acre, target of 20-30% green space.

The OCP committee recommended a maximum 205 units, with guaranteed 35% green-space. There is a current development application of 300 units, modeled after Nanaimo’s Deerwood Park which is a modular home park.

RONALD RD AND CLARK DR – 64.22 acres – up to 260 units, up to avg 4 units per acre, target of 20 – 30% green space. Ronald Rd is allowed to put its park dedication down in the Clark Dr area, so Ronald Rd may not have public green space.

“Ronald Rd” is that triangular piece of land with the reservoir, between Ronald and Aulds.
“Clark Dr” is that piece of forested land, below the railway tracks, which will connect Ware Rd to Clark Dr to Aulds Rd. It contains the Bloods Creek ravine… the creek travels under the highway.

WARE RD PROPERTY – This 64.33 acre property by the village has been divided into 3 pieces –

1. Commercial – About 4 acres at the corner of Ware and Lantzville. There is no indication how much commercial or residential will be proposed here.

2. Village Lowlands – About 9.6 acres of the wetland/ forested area behind Seaview School – up to 120 units, 4 storey buildings, target of 30 – 45% public greenspace.

The OCP committee recommended max 100 units, with a guaranteed 50% public green space. It is unknown how much of this land cannot be developed due to wetland.

3. Village South – (46.93 acres- including 3.63 acres of 2 other lots) – up to 323 units, plus secondary suites.

WARE RD TOTAL – up to 459 units… plus secondary suites … plus commercial buildings… also this might be the location for the assisted/ care seniors housing, likely 100 units, but up to 400 units is allowed.

ALL THE PROPERTIES LISTED ABOVE ARE MOSTLY COMPRISED OF THOSE OWNED BY LANTZVILLE PROJECTS LTD, A COMPANY BASED IN VANCOUVER. The representative for them is also representing the Ryeland property on Schook Rd, subject of a development application for 300 units of assisted/ care seniors apartments on 8.92 acres.

EAST LANTZVILLE SPECIAL PERMIT AREA – This is a group of 6 properties including Ryeland across from the highway near Pioneer Park. Up to 72 units, plus 300 units of seniors on Ryeland. Target 20% public space.

VILLAGE WEST – These are all the properties bordered by Petersen Rd, Seaview School, Lantzville Rd, and Lynn Dr. Up to 4.8 units per acre. Up to 120 – 130 units total.

VILLAGE COMMERCIAL CORE – up to 125 residential units… up to 400 units (but more likely 100 units) of seniors assisted/ care… plus commercial buildings. Up to 10 residential units per acre is allowed.

Four residential properties on Lantzville Rd, plus about 4 acres of the Ware Rd property, were added to the commercial zone.

GOLF COURSE – Last year the the golf course (85 acres) owner sent letters to the District saying he is interested in developing some of the golf course, as well as another property he owns – the 18 acres on Fernmar Rd. The OCP committee wasn’t notified of this until June, so it was deemed too late to make it into the new OCP, nevertheless, these will likely be upcoming development applications.

2 thoughts on “Lantzville About to Boom”

  1. Majority of Lantzville residents are NOT in agreement with large development. We are heartbroken with all the large scale destruction happening in our Village.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I live in Upper Lantzville and I too am concerned that we don’t lose the essence of what makes our town such a great place to live.

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