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MLS® Bloopers – February Edition

Following are my latest MLS® Bloopers sourced right off the MLS®. While some pictures are enough to scare a pitbull off the property, most images, while doing little to help sell the house, sure make me laugh.

So I scour the MLS® trying to find more “interesting” images, and before long they just start popping up all over the place.

But first I must rant…

Come on REALTORS®, if you can’t take a decent image that helps sell the house, keep your shutter closed, better yet hire a professional photographer.

Sellers — check your own listing online today — make sure your REALTOR® didn’t turn your Listing into a MLS Blooper. You’re paying them enough to get professional pictures taken, believe me.

And now with out further adieu, here are this month’s “MLS® Bloopers”…

PS If you find one, please let me know and I’ll include it in next month’s collection.

Hey kids, our REALTOR® is coming over to take pictures, CLEAN YOUR FRIGGING ROOM!!!!

New concept in small house design – the garage is now part of the kitchen.

170 days on the market and the photos of this house are “Coming Soon”.

This is a $2,000,000 house in Vancouver and this is the only picture.

In 6 months you couldn’t take and post some pics? Come on Sellers, check your own listing online and make your REALTOR® do their job! I can’t make this stuff up.

This extra tiny, somewhat creepy looking backyard image comes complete with a magnifying glass so you can actually see just how creepy it is.

The house on the right looks like it’s trying to push the one in the middle out of the neighbourhood.

The latest concept in “Gated Communities”, blurry gates.

As this cabin slowly, inexorably slides down the hill, one wonders where the number for that home inspector went.

And this home features a 100 foot long galley kitchen, doubling as a built in bowling alley, woohoo … not.

Tell your REALTOR® to leave the super wide angle lens at the office if they don’t know how to use it correctly.

Open House This Weekend! Really? Make that an Open Open House.

This picture accompanied the announcement that there’ll be an Open House here in 3 days.

Perhaps they should be handing out steel toed boots and hard hats to all comers.

Is that blinding white light in the dining room, a portal to another dimension?

Now that’s what I call a hot TV.

I thought you were supposed to hang it above the fireplace, not turn it into a fireplace insert.

I’ll bet someone is going to knock that sucker over trying to get a good look at the fireplace.

I know, they could take a picture of the fireplace without the TV, then cast the picture onto the TV making it look like a fireplace, and then that won’t happen.

What should you ask a REALTOR® before listing your home.

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