Covid Safety For Home Buyers and Sellers

As a Realtor I take Covid Safety For Home Buyers and Sellers as seriously as I do my own. As a Realtor I go into other folks’ homes with a mask on my face, everyday. Here’s the simple and easy to follow Covid Safety Rules we use as Realtors in Nanaimo to help both Home Buyers, and Home Sellers stay safe, while still getting the job done. I hope you find it useful.

Realtor showing a home under Covid rules.


One showing group in the house at one time;

Everyone uses hand sanitizer before and after;

Everyone wears a mask in the home;

Limit surface touching to your Realtor;

Have wipes at the ready in case a surface it touched;

Discard everything after each viewing.


Require all Realtors to sign and submit a Covid showing guidelines form;

Offer extra masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance;

Leave on all lights to minimize surface touching;

Post a virtual tour and floor plans to avoid frivolous showings;

Wipe down all commonly touched surfaces;

After showings open windows and doors to help displace the interior air.

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