5 Story Condo Proposed for Haliburton St Nanaimo

A five-storey condo building has been pitched for Nanaimo’s south end, specifically 119 Haliburton.

LOcated right in the area just south of downtown Nanaimo where a a classic story of gentrification is taking place, where many century old homes are being bought up by fans of character homes as well as investors speculating that this are will gradually improve and be updated, thus raising prices of properties in the area.

According to The Nanaimo Bulletin, City of Nanaimo staff have received a development permit application from Parkshore Management Ltd., which is proposing to construct a 29-unit condo building at 119 Haliburton St.

The five-storey multi-family building would be build on a 1,617 square-metre site and plans feature a rooftop patio that will be accessible to all residents, a green roof, garden and underground parking, according to a report to the city’s design advisory panel.

Units will vary from 550 square feet to 850 square feet in size. There would be 12 one-bedroom units, four one-bedroom, one-den units and 13 two-bedroom units.

A similar design had previously been approved by councillors, but the permits expired and the property is now under new ownership, according to the report. Among the modifications from the original design are increased balcony sizes and the rooftop patio.

Parkshore Management is requesting a number of small variances including a height increase of one metre. The building’s height limit is 14 metres.

The proposed multi-family development is across from the Balmoral Hotel and in a neighbourhood surrounded with smaller single-family homes. According to the report, many of those homes and properties in the area are vacant and have “potential for development.”

Coun. Jerry Hong, who is on the design advisory panel, said Parkshore Management’s proposal is a good fit for the neighbourhood that hasn’t seen much development over the years.

“It is great that we are seeing progress in areas that traditionally don’t get a lot of development,” he said, adding that with plans for improved access to Port Drive, there could be increased development in the area down the road.

Councillors will need to approve the development before construction can begin on the project.

4 thoughts on “5 Story Condo Proposed for Haliburton St Nanaimo”

  1. I just read your article. I happen to own a house next door to this development. I’m not sure where you got the report information from but the only house that I know of that is empty in this neighbourhood is next door to us and the reason it’s empty is there was a grow op in it and the city has given the owner so much greif, causing him major expenses, he hasn’t been able to renovate it to the place of renting it again.
    My husband and I moved here two and a half years ago from Vancouver. We are now members of the south end community association and we have a small (by apt.) art gallery in our house. We have met and now know many of the people in homes within blocks of ours. I know of no other empty homes other than one that was recently sold and was empty for a short time
    Even though we live next door to this development we’re not against development in our neighbourhood but we are concerned that the city isn’t acknowledging the agreed upon South neighbourhood plan, where development needs to fit in, design and esthetically, with the miners cottages in the area. People in this area are proud of these homes and love the area.
    It’s historically the oldest area in Nanaimo and as the homes are slowly being fixed up is, in my mind, a tourist attraction for Nanaimo. We have never lived in a more community oriented or friendly area. It’s a throwback from times gone by and we love. It. We need more neighbourhoods like this one,

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Katherine. I believe the old miner’s houses are an important part of our area’s history and heritage. The old city area has been a warm, supportive “community” for well over a century, and I think it will continue to be a vibrant area for years to come., thanks in no small part to the passion of it’s residents, like you.

    2. Anecdotally, I just heard yesterday that about 70% of these units are already sold, and apparently mostly to out of area buyers, and they have yet to start construction. I have not verified this however it is the talk amongst REALTORS in town.

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